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Przedmiot odrestaurowany an Kursie Renowacji Antyków – NEO

We offer You an interesting and unconventional Antique Art Renovation Course incorporating restoration techniques or alternate methods (pseudo-renovation) and  techniques of artistic furnishings arrangement.

The Art Renovation Course can be held in English as well as in Polish language.

The program is a Master Course – from zero to maximum knowledge of renovation, including secrets of profession and recognition of personal artistry.

The Course is intended for folks both new to art and restoration techniques (carpentry) and for those already knowledgeable and experienced in these fields, longing to develop further. Tutoring in business knowledge, with organizing a workshop and a gallery in scope is an added attribute, allowing an advantageous start whether on the professional renovation or antiques market.

We provide antique, original furniture pieces constructed by Master Carpenters from 18th to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. ( Occasionally we approve working on pieces brought by the student, after consultation and accepting the item.)

Courses are held in two alternate formulas:

  • Individual 1:1
  • Individualized 1:2 up to 1:6

Years of pedagogical experience and research have brought us to a conclusion, that gatherings of no more than 6 scholars allow the instructor to individualize his approach to every participant and, at the same time, support them all with great positive, team-based feedback.

For instance:

  • Participants ask different but complementary questions which makes Q&A sessions and mind-storms more complete and thorough leaving far less problems unexplained.
  • Renovating the furniture in collaboration, gives supreme control over proper employment of activities and guarantees on-time completion.
  • In groups, there’s more motivation found to creatively execute aesthetic and artistic tasks.
  • There’s better retention of knowledge, thanks to intrinsic dialogue among students.
  • Relationships are built that render great support , after the course end, during the introduction of attained knowledge to everyday work.
  • Buying Groups are created that translate to efficiency in managing the restoration budget.
  • Supplementation of innate talents whilst renovating.
  • Just a few of many benefits individualized courses provide.


We invite You to familiarize Yourself with the detailed offer: