Podziel się ze swoimi przyjaciółmi

I concluded the 90-hour course, I really recommend it, the knowledge is passed on in a simple manner. I learned to sculpt and paint, when I really thought I’m not able to cause’ I’ve got no talent but I remembered Mr Wojtek’s words „5% from God and  95% from yourself.”

I’m dealing with renovation for quite a long time now but I learned old, now often forgotten techniques. I gained not only practical knowledge regarding renovation and preservation of furniture but also information about running my own operation. House in Kocioł is something amazing, the sights, the delectable ambience – I felt right at home. I truly recommend every aspect of the course.


Bartosz Pierunek

If You’re looking for a course over-watched by an experienced professional, I recommend the Antique Furniture Renovation Course under the guidance of Wojciech Bednarek. Pleasant atmosphere combined with hard toil. No shortcuts. As of now, it’s over a year since my completion of the course at Kocioł and I don’t regret the decision made about training specifically over there.

Present-day I utilise aquired knowledge in my workshop, the Politury Czar. If You seek to learn time-honoured preservation techniques, benefit from the offer of NEO.

Katarzyna Kopińska

It’s beed a year since the conclusion of the Antique Furniture Renovation Course at the Neo Workshop. Remarkable clime of the Cottage at Kocioł, joint with Wojciech Bednarek’s extensive and versatile knowledge make me in good conscience highly recommend that place. Throughout the week I received fundamentals not only of classic renovation techniques but principles of molding and painting. I’m not going to hide that at present moment, the knowledge acquired fruits at my workshop.

Thus, if You’re looking for a training conjunct with a time spent in an artistic and affable climate, the Neo workshop is such a place.

Aneta Copik

I agree with the previous opinions in entirety.
Myself, I’d also mention great substantive cooperation after the conclusion of the course.

Wiktor Matuszak


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