Podziel się ze swoimi przyjaciółmi

Below we present some examples of our students’ work:

Physharmonica after basic renovation carried out by means of: complex chemical extermination of “woodworms”, retouches and replacement of damaged components, chemically cleansing old lipid coatings in order to reveal wood-grain, sanding, manual colouring with stains, initial varnishing, subtle gilding of two moulds, positioned on the so-called hillock, with flakes of golden gilt along with patinating, waxing with colouring, self-hardening wax applying so-called mazeration, polishing. What’s left to repair is the sound production mechanism, bellows among others.

The physharmonica is available for visitors to see, inside the church of Taszów mountain village near Lewin Kłodzki town.

19th century rural/manor buffet, the shabby chic method, gilding, blackening and handcrafted paintings (designs alluding to sezession)

A furniture set, renovated in the NEO workshop, the entirety of work executed by a student. The central work-surface deserves recognition – a hinged container hatch, veneered in a cheesboard pattern –  after blackening and glazing.

We invite You to familiarize Yourself with the detailed offer: