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Example Course of study

Theoretical part ( est. 5%  course length)

  • varieties of wood
  • furniture, interiors and outline of their history
  • concepts of preservation and renovation of antique furnishings
  • furniture preservation and renovation techniques utilized
  • analysis of furniture finishings and structure over time periods and styles
  • info about the art market and antique trade
  • client negotiations – what to advise and when

Practical experience part (est. 95% course length)

  • materials and tools
  • stocktaking (inventory), condition evaluation and work extent determination
  • removal of old coating
  • protection of loose components and extermination of pests
  • disassembly of fixed and movable components
  • substantive structural repairs
  • veneering the entirety of a surface or veneer restoration
  • basics of turning components on a lathe
  • cleansing and securing of wood
  • grinding and finishing of surface – choice of fidelity level best for given technique and end result expectations
  • retouching and staining of surfaces and so-called mazering
  • varnishing
  • self-hardening waxing
  • gilding of decorative components
  • reparation of surfaces of antique pianos  with so-called black gloss
  • rubbing (shabby chick method or so-called Provençal Furniture)
  • paintings/hand painting furniture with decorative designs of accordant era and comparison with the decoupage technique
  • bas-relief rudiments along with casting and introduction of weathered moulding (stucco)
  • welding of damaged antique steel components (like hinges, ferrules or fence components)
  • manual locksmith repairs and key duplication for antique locks


During the course of studies, sensible knowledge is also passed on. Including tips about opening own restoration workshop, with selection and purchase of adequate equipment (at no superfluous expense) taken into account. Paying utmost attention to present-day specifics of trade market in Poland and beyond, we teach about managing and promoting own antique trade gallery as well.

Character of the closing exam is to be agreed, both verbal and written form is recognized.

You attain a certificate of our training organization once the course of study is concluded.


We are a training organization certified by The Polish State – we’ve got an official education institution registry number, 2.10 /00014/2018 which is annually renewed by the Provincial Labor Office in Łódź and sanctioned nationwide.

One teaching hour consists of 60 minutes

We provide all substances, hand operated and automated apparatus along with old-fashioned furnishings intended to be rejuvenated.

Every adept receives our proprietary script of the course in paper form, remarking techniques and issues regarding renovation process.

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