Podziel się ze swoimi przyjaciółmi

The course is held in place of your choosing:

  • At our original workshop – NEO Art Studio,
    right in the heart of Łódź city (92 Piotrkowska St)
  • On the premises of our borderland establishment
    – in the 19th century domicile in the settlement of Kocioł near Lewin Kłodzki town

The program, term and intensiveness of the course are tailored every time, to the needs and abilities of the participants.

Customarily, we arrange the course of studies in following fashion:

  • one continous assemblage, that’s to say 1; 3; 6 or 9 days, 10h per day with interlude for dinner
  • two or three gatherings, two and three days long respectively, 10h per day, suspended for one or two weeks

Provided the course takes place in the settlement of Kocioł, we offer accomodation for 50 PLN/day full board (breakfast, dinner, supper).


– We take WORK CLOTHING for the course (Łódź/Kocioł)
– We take SWIMWEAR – NEO invites every student to visit the Aquapark of Kudowa

The Course is run by Wojciech Bednarek, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in the city of Łódź and the Department of Conservation of Historical Monuments of UMK Toruń, many years’ pedagogue teaching through art, a passionate social heritage guardian, dealing with antiques for 30 years.

Entrants from all over Poland and from abroad participated in our course of study. After graduation, most of them (over 80%), succesfully established their own enterprise – they run their own renovation and antiques galleries.

After the course completion, we stay in touch with our graduates, helping them to develop their enterpise and helping, in certain fortuities, concerning the renovation of old furniture.

To our trainees we also provide:

  • free of charge assistance with finding accomodation for folks from outside the city of Łódź
  • free of charge assistance with filling grant applications for this type of training, opening own business etc., applications meant for WUP, PUP and other education donating institutions.

Note: We ask for a deposit of 20% of the value of a chosen study program. (In accordance with the law, in case of resignation the deposit covers losses suffered due to reserved course period.)

In the case of cancellation of the course owed to the trainee – the person is required, according to the law (Civil Code, Article 394), to pay double the amount. That is 40% of the price of a selected study plan.

We invite You to familiarize Yourself with the detailed offer: